Extensia Pty Ltd  

Who is Extensia?

Extensia links healthcare providers, consumers and their communities to enable them to achieve more efficient and better health care. Extensia was established through the Commonwealth Research Centre Scheme to develop a Patient Centric Shared Electronic Health Record system and has continued its development meeting the specific requirements of clinicians and patients.

Extensia's core technologies are RecordPoint and EPRX.

RecordPoint is a flexible, privacy compliant Shared Electronic Health Record which delivers substantive clinical benefits. Extensia's clients – consumers, clinicians and allied health – can continue using their purpose built systems while sharing relevant summary data through a single point of unified access, RecordPoint. RecordPoint has a proven track record and has been implemented in State and Primary Health programs.

EPRX is an electronic directory and referral tool which can be seamlessly integrated with existing clinical systems. The concept of the EPRX was born directly from the frustrations faced daily by our practicing clinical lead, one of Extensia's Directors.

Extensia takes a new and innovative approach blending its clinical and technology knowledge to solve issues facing practising clinicians with improved clinical outcomes as its primary value.

Extensias products are provided as a service utilising advanced and secure facilities in our Brisbane Data Centre or as a Licence for institutional and government users if required. Our products meet Australian and International standards and are supported by highly experienced and senior medical software architects and developers.

Extensia links healthcare providers, consumers and their communities to deliver better and more efficient health care outcomes. The products used to do this can be custom branded for all Organisations and include:

Feature Product
Shared Electronic Health Record (RecordPoint)

A proven Shared Electronic Health Record that links all clinical systems, hospital settings, care plan tools and any other sources of information available. It provides a secure means of sharing critical patient data in a privacy compliant and logical structure.

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Feature Product
Electronic Patient Exchange (EPRX)

An Electronic Patient Referral Exchange and Directory. It streamlines the process of selecting a provider and completing a referral. Patient information is transferred seamlessly from clinical software, then the most relevant providers, services and products are presented instantly and referral documents are created automatically and sent electronically.

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