Extensia Pty Ltd  

What does Extensia do?

Extensia is deliberately focussed on providing eHealth solutions for co-ordinated care in the community.

This involves activity in three main areas:

  • Developing robust, clinician focussed software that can be used to solve immediate community issues in new and innovative ways.
  • Providing specialist advice, based on leading expertise, in the following areas:
    • Establishing Shared EHRs in community settings
    • Improving the community referral process
    • Approaches to patient privacy and consent within eHealth
    • Practical and sustainable use of standards, specifically those chosen by NeHTA
  • Providing hosting services (SaaS) to enable communities (ie. involving many organisations) to access shared infrastructure on a cost effective and equitable basis.

Where additional on-the-ground resources are needed for project, stakeholder and change management, implementation activities, user training, and others, Extensia prefer to partner with local organisations that specialise in meeting these needs. This ensures the best resources are being applied to the tasks while closely working with the local community.

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How can I find out more?

Extensia understand that talk and marketing brochures only go so far. We believe that seeing and interaction with real software is the only way to be confident that software will meet your needs.

Extensia offer remote demos of RecordPoint, EPRX, and RecordConnect held with a conference call where all participants can see a live demo locally on their screens. These demos are normally 1 hour in length but can be as little as 15mins. Please contact Extensia to arrange a time.

Extensia offer access to a live hosted RecordPoint instance populated with demo data which can be accessed over the internet anytime. All roles and activities are possible, allowing an in-depth evaluation of the software. Please contact Extensia to arrange access.

Extensia participate in the Health IT community and is a member of the following groups:

Practice Incentives Program

Several of Extensia's staff have been contracted by NEHTA in architecture, design and development roles to assist in various NEHTA programs.