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Connecting healthcare information

Extensia, a subsidiary of Hills, solves one of healthcare's great challenges by connecting healthcare providers with the patient information they need to see throughout the care journey - easily and securely.

More Efficient Health Care

Extensia links healthcare providers, consumers and their communities, allowing them to achieve more efficient and better healthcare outcomes for their patient's.

Data Sharing

Through a privacy compliant platform, the right data is shared with the right parties at the right time.

Highly Experienced

Extensia’s RecordPoint is supported by a highly experienced and senior software team.

Our Clients

Our clients have included governments, aged care providers, disabilities care providers, research institutions and Indigenous health organisations.

Who we have worked with

We have worked with a number of health organisations and providers to connect their patient's healthcare information for improved quality of care.


To discuss the benefits of our RecordPoint platform, book your demo with one of our experienced team.