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Connecting each patient’s health information across the healthcare ecosystem has been described as the holy grail. Across disparate, complex and sophisticated patient information platforms, RecordPoint is the great leap forward.

With RecordPoint:

The quality of healthcare outcomes is significantly improved by enabling truly coordinated care.
Authorised healthcare practitioners are provided with real-time access to comprehensive patient information across the health ecosystem.
Practitioners can easily make decisions and curate data before it is shared with a patient's record.
Clinical transactions are supported for major chronic disease areas including diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, congestive heart failure and renal disease.
Patients are able to view their care records, medications and test results.
Healthcare providers receive a fully-hosted and managed software as a service (SAAS).
Peace of mind is guaranteed with comprehensive data security, user authentication, access control and audit trail views provided for providers and patients.

Record Point FAQs

Q. What is RecordPoint?

RecordPoint is a platform that connects healthcare providers with the medical information they need to see throughout the patient’s care journey. This health information includes data such as care plans, test results and adverse reactions that have been updated by healthcare providers within the individual patient’s care team.

Q. How is RecordPoint different from other electronic health record platforms?

RecordPoint provides the ability to:
  • connect with other healthcare providers to deliver truly coordinated care
  • see the right information to inform patient outcomes
  • easily make decisions and curate data before it is shared with a patient’s record.
  • Patients to control their own care team so that the right healthcare providers will be granted access.

Q. How does RecordPoint interact with my clinical software?

RecordPoint complements clinician's software by integrating via its RecordConnect client. This allows clinicians to have a seamless, non-obtrusive integration between their systems. RecordConnect allows healthcare providers to review the patient's medical history and the ability to record the latest curated medical outcomes to the shared record.

Q. How is privacy protected?

RecordPoint places control of who can access records directly in the hands of the patient. Patients consent to participate in the system and can withdraw their consent at any time. Patients can also select their care team by choosing which locations have access and can contribute to their own record. Locations not on the list cannot access a patient’s data.

Q. Where is the data stored and is it secure?

RecordPoint is securely stored in the cloud, allowing RecordPoint to give real time, scalable and secure data for patients and their healthcare providers.

Q. Can the platform be customised?

Yes. During the implementation process, the Extensia team will work with you to determine what integrations and customisations you require to best suit your requirements.

Q. How is the platform upgraded?

RecordPoint is a cloud platform that uses a software-as-a-service (SAAS) model for upgrades. This means upgrades are delivered remotely, removing the requirement to upgrade physical workstations.


Extensia solves one of healthcare’s great challenges by connecting healthcare providers with the patient information they need to see throughout the care journey – easily and securely.